XyZ's Trainee application.

Discussion in 'Denied' started by XyZ, May 29, 2017.

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    In Game Name: (XyZ)

    Age: (14)

    In Game Rank: (Default rank.)

    Timezone:Uk utc.

    Do you have Skype?Yes but i don't have a mic yet.

    Twitter Account: (IN/A)

    What times are you active?12 am to about 9 or 10 at night.

    What languages do you speak?English.

    How long have you been playing minecraft?Several years

    Have you ever been banned or temp banned? (I've been muted on Pika network.)

    Do you have any previous moderation experience? If so explain:Yes i've been staff on 4 other servers
    I've been Helper,Mod,Co-owner,Admin. I know the punishment system very well and i have a fast reaction time if you need me online to ban/mute players who are not following the rules correctly.

    Which server are you most active on? Wild realm

    How many hours do you play per day?4-8 hours a day.

    How would you deal with a younger user complaining in chat?I would explain what he/she is doing wrong or if they need help i would explain the rules of the server and what not to do and what to do.

    Are you able to record your screen?No not at the moment.

    How many times have you applied before?0

    When did you last apply? Never.

    Why should you be staff here at MC256?This server looks really cool and i would love to be staff on this server so i can keep the chat clean safe and healthy and provide players with the infomation they need to play this server correctly.I've always wanted to be staff on a server that is well made and well handled.

    How would you handle a situation where a user is cheating or hacking?I would take video proof or screenshots then send it to high staff over skype in hopes they can determan if the player is a hacker

    Anything else we should know?I'm looking forward to a response.
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    Hi XyZ I would suggest a Screen Recorder is (ISpring) Its free!
    Its a good quality :)
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