Wild Realm rollback to early 12th of March

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    Hello everyone!

    We don't want to say it, but we recently screwed up with the files and now everything that was made after 12th of March will be lost in Wild Realm, though nothing else has been lost across the rest of the MC256. We fully understand that you are likely to be very displeased and you have all rights to be so.

    We are ready to refund items lost and on top of that, $50K for each player that requests the refund. We hope you understand that also we can make mistakes and we regret letting this happen. This was a result of an attempt of setting up a very advanced script and the operation was successful, except Wild Realm got affected.

    We truly hope this is not the reason you might want to consider leaving. Whatever has been lost, our staff will do our best to help you getting back where you were at.

    Thank you and see you guys after the maintenance is done.

    - MC256 Arcade Administration
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