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    Greetings everyone! I have a few exciting announcements regarding the MC256 Arcade project in general so I ask you to go through the post without rushing. In just under two months (month and a half) we have met a few milestones that I'd like to talk about! First, being our Discord group!!

    As you may or may not have known by now, we use Discord as a platform where our community is able to keep in touch with each other outside the server and we also use it to make players able to communicate with the in-game players without actually being online. This is a neat feature and we've only gotten positive feedback about this. Now what I am really thankful for - I just today noticed that we have gotten more than 100 Discord members! Thank you everyone! To be exact, we have exactly 114 members and we average in around 40 Discord members online at your average work day.

    Second! I don't know what happened, but today MC256 Arcade was on fire (pun intended). We reached a stack (pun x2) of players for a short while (not for too long, just a peak) on all our proxies combined. See the little gallery below!
    [​IMG] [​IMG]
    This was Wild Realm alone!!!
    Players rocking that new update of Wild Realm that added 100 new fruits and plants! Also note that 1842 unique joins we got in just under 2 months.

    This was taken just an hour later, whole 100 new unique joins. I don't know why or where from, but thank you all.

    Talking about the website, we hit 140 members there in the same period!

    Come join us!

    IP: play.mc256.net [1.8.-1.11.2 (new update)]

    Discord: https://mc256.net/discord
    YouTube: https://mc256.net/youtube
    Store: https://mc256.net/store
    Free ranks: https://mc256.net/vote

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