Visual tweaks + Vote system upgrade

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    Visual tweaks + Vote system upgrade

    We have updated the looks of MC256 - the chat format was revamped along with the tablist design and the way join and quit messages work has been changed too. When somebody joins the Skyblock server using the NPC in hub, this is what would appear:
    People currently in Skyblock would see:
    This was done because chat in the hub was flooded with disconnect messages causing people to think they were just leaving, when in fact they were just connecting to MC256's game servers and some people actually quit just because they thought the rest of the people have quit the server.
    Private messaging has been improved too, mostly visually. You will notice it yourself when you join the server and engage in conversation with somebody. Servers are also now using code-names, for example, instead of having Paintball, we now have PB-1, instead of Hub, we now have HUB-1, and Wild Realm is now called WR in the scoreboard. The actual server names have been kept intact, the change was purely technical and has no impact on the gameplay. This was done because it will be more convenient when we grow into a bigger project, for example, when we'll need to create more skywars servers, they'd be called SW-2, SW-3, SW-4 and so on.

    Ranks now have no prefixes
    You can also see the new tablist. There is no real reason as to why the square brackets were removed, but we believe this looks much more cleaner and more appealing.
    Now, for more important ranks such as all paid ranks and staff member ranks, the chat color defaults to the prefix color, however, if you have access to any of the custom chat colors, you can use those too and they will stay until you change them back. It applies to the whole MC256. There is more to it, but we don't want to spoil all the surprises.

    Voting has experienced a big update.
    This is a new announcement made to be announced globally so people see the news. Now, you will be able to get free paid ranks just because you are being a top voter. To be the top voter of the month and actually receive a free rank for a month, you will be required to accumulate at least 130 votes which equals to 4+ out of 6 vote links a day you have to vote on. Now, you will also only be rewarded after the sixth vote, since we have only 6 vote links. The rewards were revamped too. Rewards only will be given in the gamemode servers, being Skyblock and Wild Realm, including monetary rewards in HUB that are connected to the Wild Realm economy too.

    Skyblock rewards per 6 votes

    Including 16 cooked porkchops, a cake, an emerald, 5 ender pearls, 1 sand and an actual diamond including 6 vote keys when the crates are finished in Skyblock.
    Wild Realm rewards per 6 votes
    Featuring Bob The Diamond
    16 cooked porkchops, a cake, an emerald, 3 diamond ores, a golden carrot, 5 ender pearls, 12 XP bottles, 5 XP levels and 6 vote crates where you can win additional
    Note about voting system:
    You will be rewarded once per 6 votes, a.k.a voting for all links.
    Voting scenarios:

    Scenario 1: You are in HUB-1 and you vote for all six links while being in HUB-1, you will be given a message:
    Say, you join Wild Realm afterwards. You should receive your exclusive items on join and only once. Once you get rewarded, the reward token is expired and won't give you any more items in other gamemode servers unless you accumulate 6 votes again.

    If you join Skyblock just after being rewarded on Wild Realm, you will get nothing.

    Scenario 2: You are in Wild Realm, you vote all 6 times. You get rewarded for voting on all links and that's it.

    Scenario 3: You are in Skyblock, you vote for all 6 links, you get rewarded and that's it.

    Scenario 4: You vote for 4 links in Wild Realm, go to Skyblock and vote on the rest of the links - you get rewarded on Skyblock and nowhere else.

    Scenario 5: You vote on 5 links in Skyblock or Wild Realm, go to HUB-1 to vote for the 6th time - you are told to go to the gamemode servers to claim your reward (refer to the first scenario).

    You are able to view the voting gui in gamemode servers with /vgui. From there, you will be able to see vote links, next available vote, last voted, your statistics, and of course, the top.

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