Unique Minigame: Luck Wars

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    • Your idea: Luck wars
    • Why it should be added?: This is a unique idea, it just came to my head this minute.
    • What would be the benefit?: No other server would have a game like this.
    • Would it attract new players? If so, how?: This game would be fun and quick, and would provide a refreshing break from other gamemode.
    • Add information if required: There are 8 players or 4 teams (numbers are customisable I'm just coming up with this kinda on the spot). Each player/team spawn in their own plot of land where there are some lucky blocks to find. Players have a small amount of time to break lucky blocks, after which some sort of barrier is removed and it turns into a PvP FFA. (maybe this idea could be rethought into lucky walls)
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