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    In Game Name: @andresucu02

    Age: 14 in 1 month 15
    In Game Rank:
    now donator in 5 days normal player

    Timezone: UTC+1:00

    Do you have Skype? Yes Name: Andres Martinez Roquer

    Twitter Account:

    What times are you active? : weekdays: 15:00-16:00 and 21:30-22:30
    weekend: 9:00-14:00 and 19:00- 23:30

    What languages do you speak? : spanish english and a little of french

    How long have you been playing minecraft? : 3 years

    Have you ever been banned or temp banned? : No i am a clean player

    Do you have any previous moderation experience? : no

    Which server are you most active on? : MC256 arcade and cubecraft

    How many hours do you play per day? : Weekdays : 1-2 hours
    Weekend : 5-9 hours in total around 19 hours per week

    How would you deal with a younger user complaining in chat? : If there is a higher authority i do not involve myself.In the absence of a higher authority i try to calm the guy and ask him the reason of ih beahaviur and i them i try to help him if i can.

    Are you able to record your screen? : yes

    How many times have you applied before? : Never

    When did you last apply? : never

    Why should you be staff here at MC256?
    : beacause i known a lot of the server i been played 2 months and i like to help players and catch hackers and cheaters.

    How would you handle a situation where a user is cheting or hacking? : i record my screen or i make and screenshot and them i pass the proofs to a higher authority

    Anything else we should know? : I think nothing
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    Hello, I would add more detail and look for grammar mistakes!
  3. Duelx360

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    Hello! Do unbold your answers to make it easier to read, thanks!

    Goodluck for your application too!
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    You're a good player but I can't accept you due to lack of English knowledge.
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