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Discussion in 'Denied' started by THMPlays, Jun 24, 2017.

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  1. THMPlays

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    Jun 24, 2017
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    In Game Name: THMPlays

    Age: 14

    In Game Rank:

    Timezone: GMT/UTC +3hours (israel timezone)

    Do you have Skype? Yes, i do have skype (the name of the skype is my realname so i dont want to put it here if you want my skype contact me)

    Twitter Account: i dont have twitter

    What times are you active? i come back from school on 2pm on 2:30pm im on my computer rest of the day (10:00pm) some times 10:30pm and some times 11:00pm

    What languages do you speak English and hebrew

    How long have you been playing minecraft? 7years(when it camed out) im not sure if its 7years

    Have you ever been banned or temp banned? i got 1 time banned but that was a wrong ban so

    Do you have any previous moderation experience? If so explain: i had a mod on a famous server it got down because the owner/co-owners wasnt online for along time alot of players hacked and i didnt had a chance to change or add plugin (anti cheat) so i decied to quit the server

    Which server are you most active on? PikaNetwork And Oxyrisenetwork(ph server) (Both of them are the most)

    How many hours do you play per day? like 10 to 12hours

    How would you deal with a younger user complaining in chat? if i had staff i well warn/kick him and if i wasnt a staff i was going to discord and trying to find staff for kicking /warning him and if no one was online i was ignoring him or getting him to chill with all

    Are you able to record your screen? Yes, i can but its not the best record software

    How many times have you applied before? to this server none and 1 time on other server(i was mod there)

    When did you last apply?

    Why should you be staff here at MC256? I love to help people and show them how to play and i want all to be happy and not sad as the other servers i met

    How would you handle a situation where a user is cheating or hacking? if i had staff ss(screenshare) him or banning him if i have proof (video) if i wasnt staff contacting to any staff that are online fast as i can before he will do chaos

    Anything else we should know? No? nothing else :D
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    Jan 23, 2017
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    Instant denial. None of requirements are met.
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