TheDuckPnacake hack

Discussion in 'Processed' started by Alouxis54, Jun 26, 2017.

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    • Your nickname: IToDypos (a.k.a Alouxis54)

    • Name of rule breaker: TheDuckPnacake

    • Time of occurence: 11:15 am UTC+2

    • Offense: Flying (no proofs for that), speed hacking and walking on water.

    • Proofs: So I saw him flying and that's why I decided trying to record him. Unfortunately he stopped flying at that moment so I tried to escape using enderpearls but he was going faster because of his hacks.

    • Other : I know that you can't see much on the footage that's why I did a few researches on his username and I found some things worth mentioning.

    And the list goes on, if you want to see more results just google he's username.
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    User has been dealt with accordingly, seems he has quite the track record for hacking.

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