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    As you can see, we have deployed our website and we will keep updating & upgrading our website to keep up with the latest technology and our priority here is to keep you guys updated about how is it going with the server.

    For those who missed or accidentally stumbled upon this site, we are a community of an unique Minecraft network called MC256 Arcade, our goal is to provide most popular, though at the same unique and handcrafted minigames along with never-seen gamemodes, one of the assortment being Wild Realm with 900+ new functioning items and many altered mechanisms.

    The Schedule:
    We are currently in non-public non-24/7 hosted beta testing as our priority is to provide the most sophisticated server, not a bowl of random plugins thrown together and serving our players whatever that comes out of it. Currently, we have multiple servers set up and ready to play and our debugging team is working on them to find all possible bugs and exploits. We will launch as soon as we've got reasonable amount of people intrigued in this project and when all the features will be implemented, such as the store.

    Our Plan:
    As you might have understood from my attitude, we have build this server based off of what our players want and of course, in the result having our players enjoy the environment that their suggesstions created.

    We are seeking for staff&build teams to take part in our project.

    Keep in mind that this is purely a volunteer job and you will not be paid for it.

    Please pay attention to our social media buttons in the navigation bar.
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