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    Hello new players! Welcome to the wild-realms. Now most of you lovely people will be thinking, what is this wonderful place and how do I get started?

    Well, I'm here to explain just that!


    : Its a combination of vanilla survival with multiple custom-made plugins, mainly inspired from the Tekkit modpack. PvP is enabled, while KeepInventory is inactive! So be careful of whom you trust!

    All of the realms (The end, Nether) are enabled for exploration to your heart's content, and mobs spawn normally. Beware though! If too many entities spawn on the server, it will start an automatic clear, removing all mobs, items, and entity-based individuals alike.

    A beginner's breakdown

    A huge bulk of what makes wild-realms unique comes from a special little plugin called Slimefun. Through a small book (obtainable through the /guide command), you can unlock a variety of things and have numerous machines at your disposal.

    However, there is a catch. Wizards have locked the knowledge far away in another realm, and you need to unlock it through your experiences in the world. To put it in simpler terms, you need normal minecraft experience levels to unlock special items on the server!

    Using /rtp to start off in a random location in the realm, you would need to gather and scrounge materials to make your first essential item; that would be the golden shovel. This would help you claim blocks, protecting your small cozy home from other players! PvP is disabled in this area too, so hath no fear.

    You can access the shop through the command /shop regardless of where you are. It boasts a collection of resources, however it will only provide wares if you have coin. In the case of insufficient funds, a simple /kit that is provided to all players, will be available. It boosts you ahead of a few basic tasks such as wood-collecting and iron hunting.

    mc256 also consists of a Party plugin, which enables experience and item sharing between players in the same party. You can create a party using the /party create <nameofparty> command. Other special commands related to the plugin can be accessed by typing /party. Your group of adventurers can increase your party's level by interacting with the world, e.g. Mining, Woodcutting, Crafting. If need be, a special party chat can be used to communicated during perilous times.

    One of the easiest ways to test your luck would be through voting on the six different sites under our vote page. You'll be granted 3 vote keys and 3 tokens. The vote keys can be used to unlock chests are the /warp crates area in-game, granting a variety of goodies. The tokens can be gathered over time to purchase premium items at /token shop!

    One of the more common staple plugins out there, MCMMO helps add a sprinkle of quirky mechanics to vanilla minecraft. It allows the usage of special abilities from time to time, increasing the effectiveness and duration as the player progresses in-game.

    To find out more about MCMMO, you can view the wiki page for the plugin here

    Special Enchantments
    On top of normal vanilla enchants, MC256 also hosts a variety of custom made enchants. These enchantments can vary in accordance to their rarity, examples would include Mending (Fixing of Durability), Double Damage (Deals double the damage).

    You might find Common enchantments that are similar to Legendary ones. An example would be Mending (Legendary) and Hellforged (Common), however Hellforged fixes your durability ONLY when you walk several blocks, while Mending applies passively.

    These enchantments can be obtained from the Villager at /warp enchant. The villager accepts regular minecraft levels for the enchantments, granting you a special leather bound book upon purchase. These can be applied to your equipment by clicking the book, and the clicking the item.

    A set percentage is set for the success of the enchantment, where the applying process may FAIL, or the tool itself breaks. The catch here is that the rarer the enchantment, the higher the chances of failure, so be warned!

    Command summary:

    /rtp : Teleports you to a random location in the world

    /guide: Grants you a slimefun book, bound in leather and brand new

    /kit: showcases kits avaliable for you. Grants starting items to boost you ahead!

    /shop: Khajit has wares if you have coin

    /tokenshop: Use those special tokens for special things!

    /warps: Expands out to show all the warps available for your kind usage

    /vote: Shows the links for voting and top voters for the month!

    /party: reveals are the commands related to the party plugin!

    First unlocks: Now, I strongly recommend ignoring slimefun when you first join the server. I'd encourage you to work towards dungeon hunting, building a working grinder to make things easier later on! With the proper tools (and xp!) at hand, you should start with Basic Machines! These increase the amount of materials you get from ores and sets the base of your Slimefun adventure.

    There is no specific machine you should or should not unlock under this section, as almost all of them come into play in the future. Don't be stingy in the experience spending, as whatever corners you cut now would be paid for in time lost later on.

    Thereafter, you should move on to Resources. All of these are essential in the future stages as some of the strongest weapons and complex machines requires special resources that you need to learn and craft! If need be, you can dabble in magic plants with your extra resources. These grow essential ores and materials through the manipulation of nature. (The plants can only be found in the wild! N1K has disabled crafting via the slimefun guidebook.)

    Once done with all of the basic steps, you're set to level up and progress past the horizon.

    Conclusion: Past these few basic steps lies an endless horde of treasure, wicked swords with mystical abilities, or golden gleaming gear.

    Teleporters and Nanoblades stand just out of reach, promising great power and opportunity. Now the question I'll ask you would be "Will you be able to claim such power?"

    Regardless, with the exclusion of my questionable attempt at roleplay, we look forward to seeing you online, and hope you have a great experience on the server. Do take note of the rules, and treat other players nicely. If you have any questions, feel free to ask any of the staff members that may be online.

    Until next time,

    Sidenote: Regular updates for the guide will happen on Sundays until its full completion!

    Disclaimer: The info on this thread is before the reset. Any new changes have yet to be included!
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