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    Mar 2, 2017
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    • Nickname (state previous names if any): xToast_ at the moment my previous names check my namemc
    • Your full age: i could tell you ingame private
    • Timezone and country: GMT UK
    • Approximate activity per day: Quite a lot not sure how much but defenetly enough.
    • Are you multilingual? (Speak multiple languages): nope
    • Time spent on server: 2 Days or so you could check.
    • What server are you playing on the most?:
    • What you like the most of this network?:
    • SkyWars, football in hub, extra games, and unuiqe game menu (game panel).
    • Why should you be accepted over other applicants?: not so sure.
    • Have you ever been punished on MC256 Arcade, if so, explain?:
    • Nope never
    • What problems do you encounter on our server the most? How would you solve them?:
    • never had problems with this server.
    • How would you be a good addition to our staff team?:
    • Helping Players, giving nice times on the server, ill stick around a lot and yeah.
    • What social platforms do you use the most?:
    • Youtube.
    • Feel free to add additional information.
    • I might not get on much due to my gaming pc broke. i didnt know what to put so it may be small.
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    Jan 23, 2017
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    Seems like you wrote this on your way to school in a hurry.

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