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    Staff Application Guide

    As a growing server we will require more and more staff to help us manage the server whether they will be moderators or in this case admins. Myself and Niknaiz have been working together for a long time now and have both been moderators, admins and now owners ourselves, we know what we should expect in an admin and the responsibilities that they should have being the highest ranking staff on both the server and the website. To ensure that there is no confusion in applying for roles we have put together this guide to help you apply for roles in MC256 and clear up a few problems that we have encountered in the past. I hope it all helps, good luck and we look forward to reading through your applications.

    General Advice

    Your application will most probably be the first time that we really get to meet you so try to include as much detail as possible but don't go overboard, we don't need to know your cats uncles grandmas name... Sell yourself to us, include personal detail (Not your real life details and contact details) and things that make you unique and different from other users applying for the same role. We will probably read your application as soon as you post it so read through it a few times, make sure that it makes sense and is suitable for the role you are applying for.

    Although paragraphs are all well and good we do prefer detailed applications, that can cover all of the questions we ask, spread out your answers and don't focus all of your information on one answer and leave the other ones short.


    The first thing that we will see when we look at your application is the way that it is presented, it really does matter. Make sure to use the same font size and style throughout, we don't need a load of colour and fancy emojis, black and white will do, it is much easier to read in simple black and white.The same goes to italics and bold, refrain from using these styles unless its to highlight something important or to highlight the questions.

    We do understand that English may not be the first language of many of our users but please try to spell check your applications and make sure that all of the sentences make sense before you apply.

    Just be Honest

    In the past many people have lied in their applications, it does not help you or the server and can cause confusion down the line. Please do not lie in your applications, if you do lie and don't disclose it before we give you the role it could lead to you being permanently blacklisted from further applications, and trust us, that is the last thing that we want to do. Honesty isn't all in the application either, If you fail to mention any previous infractions on the MC256 server it can lead to an instant denial of your application, if you have any infractions on the server and you do mention them in the application alongside proof that you have matured since the infraction occurred you can still be accepted.

    About the Application Process

    When we look for new staff we do not look for a specific type of user, we don't pick out donators or well known users on the server and website. We look for someone who has shown that they can handle the stress of being an admin and is able to handle situations professionally, admins should be active on the forums and in the server as if they are only active in the server it may not translate well when they are in charge of the forums.

    There is an age requirement for higher level staff (Admin and Moderator) on our server, that is 16 years old, not one day before, we will not accept applications that say my birthday is tomorrow or next week or month, just wait until you are 16 and apply, if you would like to help out before this age we will implement helpers to our server who can work up to becoming full access staff when they turn 16 or become website moderators or admins. Exceptions to this can be made for long term helpers and web staff.

    If we don't respond to your application within a few days don't worry, this usually means we are very busy or just haven't had time to review it yet, we will reply to every application as soon as we can so there is no need to bump your application or message us asking if we have sen your application.

    All points must be satisfied, else no application will be accepted.
    • Good reputation;
    • 25 forum posts;
    • An account at least three weeks old;
    • No punishments past two weeks;
    • Account in good standing;
    • Agreement to the points stated below;
      • You agree referring players to our server;
      • Upon receiving your rank, you agree to represent the server;
      • Exemplary behaviour;
      • Partial server management;
      • Player issues would take a higher priority over your free time
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