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    The Skyblock Economy... Its far from finished and has already caused its fair share of arguments and heartbreaks. Because of this I have decided to let you, the community to decide how we modify this economy, what we add/ remove from the shops and the prices that each item should go for. Now I know that most people would like the prices of basic items such as dirt and sand to be reduced but we must also consider the implications of this.

    When we reduce the price of something like dirt and sand it makes farming on those blocks cheaper making it easier for players to make money and resulting in the prices of crops being reduced and then it will all start over again, if these stay at a relatively high price it will prevent players from gaining ungodly amounts of money from automatic sugar cane farms and cactus farms, one way to prevent this would be to remove sugar cane and cactus from the sell shop however this would then make these items completely useless (Since you guys seem to have something against making cake... :rolleyes:).

    Now i don't want this thread to become a political mess, if you don't agree with someones idea simply vote it down and leave a comment in order to voice your concerns. On the flip end if you like someones idea give them a vote, every little helps, if you think you can improve upon their suggestion let them know, every little helps after all.

    Now this next part is where I intend to keep the thread updated. Once every day i will read through what has been said an leave an overview below to save time when looking for things that have been suggested, i'll also try to keep vote counts up to date.

    I have attached my economy document, this wont make much sense at the moment but when i get some time i will update it to reflect the current economy and make it a bit easier to read. The current items that we can sell/ buy using blueshop can be found here: , unfortunately potions can only be bought at the moment, I am trying to fix this but my knowledge of Java is lacking.

    Current Discussions

    Since there are currently no discussions i'd like to suggest a few changes that i've been thinking of recently:

    A tier system in Skyblock would be incredibly rewarding for you guys. What this basically means is that the more work that you put in, the more you will get out of it. A brief overview can be seen below:
    • Tier 1: Farming supplies (Ranging between 1credit and 100credits). Includes items such as wheat, carrots, mushrooms, wood logs, fish, meats, mob drops and finally cobblestone.
    • Tier 2: Baking, Smelting and rare drops (Ranging between 60credits and 200credits) Includes items such as rabbits feet, ender pearl, cake, ingots, mushroom stew(at a significantly reduced rate due to Mooshrooms) and bread.
    • Tier 3: Crafted goods (Ranging between 180credits and 500credits) Includes potions (If the plugin can be fixed) eye of ender, armour (maybe) and tools (maybe).
    Obviously this tier system couldnt be implimented until the economy has been sorted out completely as if the item prices keep changing of things such as grass and sand then all of the farmed foods will also need to change therefore changing the baked items and so on, which is a pain to do.

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    Hello people from mc256!

    I can and probably will make a whole economy list tomorrow. Going over all the items and add an arguement for why I choose the prices.
    For now I'll just say. You farm stuff on dirt and sand. The only thing easy to obtain is jungle log. That's why people love making cacao farms. Making them kinda OP. However, when progression has been made, every player will make big farms and gain money quickly... and quicker... and so on and on and on and on...

    The only options for this is to remove basic farming materials from the sell shop. But, this won't work either. You won't be able to sell stuff early in game, concluding in, never making money. This can only be solved by adding wood and cobble to the sell market. These will have to be of low price, since players with wood farms would become too rich quickly. But only earning small amounts from wood and cobble means all the prices need to go down, or else the small amount of money would be useless. I can continue like this forever, conclusion: The economy fails. Everyone becomes either super rich or poor, if everyone is rich, money would not be of value. Everyone bankrupt.

    Now, you came up with this "tier-system" and honestly, it would be the only thing to work. But it's not that easy either. You get items from challenges and through progression with that you can make, buy and sell better things. But like all economies, they aren't perfect. This would work 100% super mega ultra flawlessly perfect if not for the other players. Someone able to make and sell things in other tiers can give money and/or items to someone in lower tiers. Making them able to buy/make good stuff, make good farms and sell it in higher tiers themselves. Making the whole game rather useless. While this is already happening, it isn't a big differents yet, new players who get money still can't buy a lot. Making the game more fun IMO.

    So... What does this dude want to say with all this gibberish:

    -Economies aren't perfect
    -This economie is really good already, believe it or not
    -Small flaws can always be fixed, and there will always be.. small flaws
    -If you actually read all of this; respect!
    -I will try to look into the tier system idea to maybe find improvements

    To end my post I'll add a suggestion. Maybe you can boost a different product or crop each day, forcing the players to make different farms.
    Example: Let's say you boost an item each day of the week, with the week being a cycle. If pumpkins are good to sell on monday, but not on the other days. No one of the players is going to stack up on pumpkins for a week just to sell them all at the next monday.

    These are my thoughts, sorry for the long post, I'll add a potato once more. Have a good day :)
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