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    Hello everyone.

    I am proud to announce that MC256 now has more gamemodes (later in text) and on top of that, some of the core features and the way they work has been changed. The most important thing being we have changed the host, we also have done bunch of other changes that can affect how MC256 is played, in a good way.


    Vote sites now are formatted in a different way

    Vote reminders are now different

    Votes now apply to all of the network gamemode servers, for example, if you are offline, you will be rewarded on Hub, Wild Realm or Skyblock at the time you join in these particular servers.

    Now, votes will give different rewards and here is the list:

    - $50 Arcade Credits

    Wild Realm:
    - $50 Arcade Credits
    - 1 x Vote crate
    - 1 x XP level
    - 1 x Diamond ore
    - 1 x Emerald ore
    - 3 x Chorus fruits
    - 1 x Cooked porkchop
    - 1 x 1 minute Speed 3 effect

    - 1 x Dirt
    - 1 x XP Bottle
    - 1 x Seed
    - 3 x Cobblestone
    - 1 x Coal

    New gamemode added - MC256 Skyblock, joining is standard, by clicking the Hub NPC
    [​IMG] upload_2017-3-11_20-5-54.png

    Our unique command triggering levers, thanks to Gamepedia.
    You will be able to execute commands by using those levers in /spawn

    Global shop (layout is to be changed):
    upload_2017-3-11_20-7-3.png upload_2017-3-11_20-7-9.png upload_2017-3-11_20-7-16.png upload_2017-3-11_20-7-22.png

    Rank kits:

    Skyblock global auctions:

    And there is so much more to see. Join us at to see the news yourself.

    Crates will be done soon.​
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