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    In-game-name SixTapping

    Age 12

    StaffExp. 9

    i would love to help this server grow even larger and helped everyone with my power.
    as long as i have the previllages for it.Im applying for staff to Help other players and
    if an hacker appears i shall watch them before i report them to higher ranks than my
    rank as soon as possible to prevent some chaos that might happen,But basiclly i would
    like to help this server.I have Helped some servers as my Staff Exp. is 9 or Over
    because i really like helping when it comes to other people

    why should you accept me?

    I Dont know if i can be accepted but if i can i would love it. but you might need me anytime just ask me if you need help as for my time limit i dont have that much time since i really like to study at the same time but im not an nerd one since im lazy sometimes.
    as for my activeness im always active when i dont study and since weekends are coming ill be active atleast 4 hours

    if i dont get accepted i hope i can get other ranks any ranks would do since i would love it but i hope i can get accepted this is only my staff application.....
    Im sorry if this was such an short application im really tired after-all this is not an excuse but if this is not enought i shall make another longer one
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