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    In Game Name: SharloxGamingYT

    Age: I am Right now 23 years old.

    In Game Rank: N/A

    Timezone: United Kingdom UTC+1 (Changes after months)

    Do you have Skype? Yes, I do have Skype, SharloxGamingYT

    Twitter Account: Yes, I do have Twitter, @SharloxGamingYT

    What times are you active? I am active almost 6 Hours a day.

    What languages do you speak? I can speak Arabic and English.

    How long have you been playing Minecraft? I have been playing Minecraft for 5 years.

    Have you ever been banned or temp banned? To be honest and not lie, I have been banned 7 times, because of the spamming mistake, being a pro in PVP, and others, I Have not been banned for Swearing/Hacking/Spamming(Except that one that I did by mistake)/Griefing.

    Do you have any previous Staff experience? If so explain: Yes, I do have experience in builds, designs, creativity, lobbies, development, Moderating, managing, plugins and much more, I built so many builds, I posted so many ideas, I can detect Hackers easily and temp-ban them for 1 week or 1 month, I know so many mini-game plugins and so many ideas that will make the server more popular!, and if I could I will post videos to increase the players on the server to +100 a day!, I have so many things and hopes for this server!, so that's my experience for sure, I saw cool plugins, I learned cool commands, I hoped so many ideas, I helped so many servers, so being a staff on the server would be so awesome, and I Hope from all my heart to have access to help the server, because I Saw the server is cool and the staff members is very helpful, as a proof the Staff member MOD 1K2C3M
    helped me in the server because I complained a glitch happened in the WILD REALM server, However the MOD 1K2C3M Tried to help me and I was very happy about it, and I forgot to tell about, I am a Moderator on Sparkling Craft server, but the server had glitches and bugs but I fixed it.

    Which server are you most active on? I am active on the most Popular servers but if I would be accepted I will be active on MC256.

    How many hours do you play per day? I Actually play 6-8 hours a day.

    How would you deal with a younger user complaining in chat? First of all, I would ask him the problem, there are so many reasons for the complaint, that is a hacker, glitch, bug, and others, first off I will go to the guy who is complaining and see his problem, then I will search harder for the hacker/glitch/bug, if I didn't find anything I would ask the staff members to help me, if he is spamming I would Warn him to not spam, without saying you will get Temp banned for 2-7 days, and if the complaint was all about a lie, I Would mute him for 1 Day, and Ask the Owner for response, my usual plan on other servers for spammers is like this:
    1 Attempt: I would ask him nicely and politely to stop spamming(Without saying you will get muted).
    2 Attempt: If the user keeps spamming after asking him, he gets a Temp-Mute for 30 Min.
    3 Attempt: If the user continues his spamming, I will ask him nicely and respectfully for a final time to stop spamming.
    4 Attempt: If the user continues his spamming, I would Temp-Mute him for 24 Hours.
    5 Attempt: If the user comes after 24 Hours and spams directly or like after 1-4 Hours, I would Temp-Ban him for 2-3 Days.(2-3 Days usually used in other servers)
    6 Attempt: If the user comes after 2-3 days which is not always happening, I would Temp-Ban him for 1 Week, and ask the Admins and the Owners if indeed.
    Rules of chat(That I Allways use):
    1-No website links allowed.
    2-No spamming allowed.
    3-No selling accounts in public.
    4-No swears allowed in the chat.
    5-No spamming teleport requests to other players
    (Which can be toggled off with /tptoggle command but some servers cannot access this command to other players).

    are you able to record your screen?
    Yes, I can.

    How many times have you applied before? I Applied nearly 11 times and I got accepted in other servers.

    When did you last apply?
    3 weeks ago on the server ShiPai craft and I got accepted.

    Why should you be staff here at MC256?
    Because I think it's a great thing to Help a server, it makes me happy, I love helping others, and I hate hackers, and I would post my ideas, designs, building, hubs, lobbies, plugins, maps, development and much more.

    How would you handle a situation where a user is cheating or hacking? I would go after the Hacker or the cheater and I will see if he has one these hacks:
    1-Kill aura
    2-Force Field
    7-Anti-Cheat bypass
    and many other hacks, there are so many clients and hacks and bypasses to use to his advantage, First of all I would go after him on game mode 3 or be using /v or /vanish, however, if I saw him using Combat hacks such as like above, I would temp-ban him for 1 Month,and if the hacker is using X-Ray, I would ban him for 2 weeks, I am suggesting to use a plugin for cracked servers for login and IP security, its features is that the IP of the player cannot create more than 4 accounts on the server, so this plugin is very helpful and it prevents from more hackers on the server, I would prevent the server from hackers depending and following the server policies.

    Anything else we should know?
    I am so good at Java script Modeling and developing IDE at Android, and I am so good at maths, so that I've got 90/100 marks or A+ on my exams of maths, I Can even develop an Official Social media Like Facebook for MC256 as a gift from me to the server, I am a nice person, helpful to everyone, I am now studying Java script but not Java script IDE, IDE used to edit codes and another kind of stuff, I really want to be a staff as Admin or Mod, I made a friend with a staff called 1K2C3M, we played together and I told him cool tips, he was so happy because he heard I submitted an Application, if I would be Mod, We will play together, help together, build together, explore together, moderate together, ban hackers together and much more.

    Please read:
    All my hard work and knowledge has gone to this application with my handwriting.
    I am sorry if my application is bad :(
    Thanks and I apologize to who ever reads this Application and Taking his time.
    Thanks in every advance.
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