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    Hello everyone

    We are still trying to pinpoint the issue of server utilizing unneeded memory due to a memory leak. We are trying our best to fix this issue and we can guarantee we will do it, but we can't give an estimated time of deploying a fix. While players are not affected and there is no lag, our system can be optimized much more greatly, thus unleashing the true potential of our hosting machine. Right now, our bungeecord is using so much memory that we could use for an extra minigame, looking at our standards and this is not a normal behaviour. Note that your progress in our game servers will not be affected any way. As you may or may not have noticed, the message of the day on our server has been changed to OPEN MAINTENANCE, which means that server is playable, but we hold the rights to restart, reload, add, remove, and alter any aspect of the network at any time possible while the MOTD is present. When the message of the day will be changed to something else, do know that the issue is (permanently or temporarily) fixed. There also is one other problem that causes people to teleport to Authentication server at one given time of the day, that needs a solution and we will appreciate any kind of input if you know what you're talking about. If you have worked with memory leaks and know what you're doing and think you are capable of helping us, please do let me know.

    If you decide to participate in a task to improve MC256 Arcade, contact me directly through my PMs.

    Thank you!
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