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  1. Itz_Eclihpse

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    Mar 3, 2017
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    Nickname (state previous names if any): my old minecraft name was Luigi810 not it is Itz_Eclihpse

    • Your full age: 13
    • Timezone and country: U.S.A East.
    • Approximate activity per day: around 3-5 hours daily.
    • Are you multilingual? (Speak multiple languages): I am only English.
    • Time spent on server: about 2 days
    • What server are you playing on the most?: I play the most on any part of the server
    • .
    • What you like the most of this network?: every thing about it like they are open to suggestions.
    • Why should you be accepted over other applicants?: I can do a lot of things I can always be on and every thing a staff member can do. Most importantly I will never abuse my powers as a member of the staff team.
    • Have you ever been punished on MC256 Arcade, if so, explain?: no, never and I hope that never happens.
    • What problems do you encounter on our server the most? How would you solve them?:
    • How would you be a good addition to our staff team?:
      well you can always count on me to welcome new members! I can use world guard and group manager (and a little bit of pox)
      I can always help any thing on the server at all times that I am on and I will make sure to go on steam and be alert for notifications about this wonderful Minecraft server. I am good at dealing with hackers, spammers, (etc.) also I am great when it boils down to just Minecraft and I am good with commands and any other Minecraft related things. here is a list of things I can do with world guard... I can set no mob spawning, no fall damage, flags, and most importantly the areas/boundary for players. a list of things I am capable to do with group manager... I can set groups give permissions to player groups, and I can add commands to player groups such as /warp /spawn /kill /suicide /day /night /ban /kick /tempban, etc.
      Also I am aware of what players doing at all times. And finally al you know I have had staff experience with owning, commands, dealing with rule breakers and group manager.
    • What social platforms do you use the most?: probably discord .
    • Feel free to add additional information.
  2. N1KN41Z

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    Jan 23, 2017
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    Vital questions skipped. Poor presentation.

    Play more and reapply - denied.
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