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    Hey. I'm new to the server but I've been around a lot of them not just minecraft. I have to say I love this server so far and I'm considering playing it from now on.
    So MC256 has a lot to offer in terms of gameplay and growth but I'd like to see it grow more. I purpose a few ideas to do it:

    1. Casino. I know it was not an official trailer but in the spawn I saw the casino slots and man nothing beats online casinos. Prizes, votes for money to play, ext. It would be really cool to add that in to the game.

    2. Dungeons. Because of the huge emphasis on RPG elements the server could benefit from having a dungeon in overworld and neitherworld. A command block that spawns a few items into a chest wouldn't be to hard making it an event every 30 minutes would keep some players active. Not a bad idea right?

    3. Roleplay town or shop town. I know its a little cliche but adding a small "buy in" town for roleplaying would help donations and have people sell things like potions of healing and custom enchanted weapons.

    These improvements would be a great add on to the server and help benefit in both the server and the players. Events are crack to players depending on what items are given but I've seen a lot where people line up for them and its a good way to get people together. Small things like a quest line or people making quests for items are just some small ways you can get the server to be more active and get more players to join. If you want any help, I know I'm new, but I can use javascript and put some time away to help out. Good stuff man keep up the work.

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