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    By the looks of the things, MC256 Arcade beta server will be available only from Sunday evening to Thursday as the internet speed I'm getting home is capable of hosting, but is very fluctuating (from 2 mbp/s to 10mbp/s) compared to the internet I've got in campus, which is stable 60 mbp/s.

    Until we get a host, we're going to have beta sessions to ensure a seamless launch and also add features our players think are missing.

    If, for some reason, my home internet gets temporarily better for any reason, I'm going to host and announce the IP in Discord for semi-public testing. This means that the IP won't be pasted anywhere outside our Discord while I'm home. While I'm in campus, the IP will be said in our homepage and on our Twitter @mc256staff and in this thread. Expect 1-2 IP changes per week. When we're done with tests, we're going live with an IP of

    Meet ingame,
    - MC256 Arcade Administration
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