How to Catch a Hacker

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    How to Catch a Hacker
    As we all know hackers are everywhere nowadays, they're on the server, they're on the site, there's probably even one on a unicycle somewhere. Although some hacks are hardly helping their user they still give an unfair advantage on the average player and therefore should not be allowed on our servers. This Guide is here to help you identify, document and stop hackers before they can cause any serious damage to our server or our community. Feel free to read through this guide and help us stop hackers from making MC256 an unfair server.

    Types of Hacks

    Common Hacks


    Aimbot is a program or script that aims at the other users for the hacker. Aimbots count as hacking because rather than the users skill being used to aim at other players and mobs the computer itself aims for the cheater, giving an extremely unfair advantage for the hacker, when you are up against someone using an Aimbot there is little to no chance that you will beat them in a fight as humans just can't target like computers can.

    Aimbot isn't however very tricky to discover. The Hack causes its user to lock on to the nearest player, mob or sometimes entity depending on the type of Aimbot they are using. The users head will 'snap' to its target very fast which is a huge indicator that they are using Aimbot, if you record this the head will snap to the target in one frame regardless of what angle the target is to the hacker at the time. Aimbot will activate in one frame, so if you see a player who snaps to the target fast but not as fast as one frame, they won't be using Aimbot, don't get this confused.

    Another way to discover a user of Aimbot is looking out for players who seem to 'lock' onto other players when fighting, if they are facing the targets head or body constantly, this usually means that they are using Aimbot as usually after the initial 'snap' of the head the script will continue to focus on the target, look at a few of the gifs below to see what Aimbot may look like in game.​
    As you can see the hack allows the player to snap to the closest mob or player (depending on how it is set up) and then lock onto that mob or player until either it is dead or another target gets closer, there are some new Aimbots coming out now that claim to be 'smooth' Aimbots which can be a bit harder to see but the initial small head-snap will still be there especially if a target appears behind them.

    Autoclick (Macros)

    Autoclick, or Macros is a computer program which preforms a repetitive task by recording keystrokes and clicks, sometimes even the colour of a certain pixel too depending on the software used. Autoclick is probably one of the more common hacks you will find in Minecraft as it is very easy to use and very hard to spot as some players can click very fast (spam click) meaning it is very easy to claim that they we're not hacking.

    However there are some differences between a legit player and an Autoclicker. First there is a limit to human clicking speed, spam clickers can achieve 10 cps (clicks per second) and some of them can even reach 20 sometimes. However they do not spam click all the time because it can hurt at some point, they only do it when they need it. If you follow a player during a 10 minute period and you see them having the exact same clicking speed in every fight, even when against outmatched unarmed players, then they are most likely hacking.

    The easiest way to spot Autoclickers is to fight them, but hearing them is enough. There is a clear difference between perfection and imperfection. A fast clicker will have a regular and sometimes random click, but not perfectly timed, however an Autoclicker will have a dead perfect rhythm, trust me you’ll see the difference. Watch the following gif to see an example of someone using autoclicker.

    As you can see this user is clicking in a near perfect rhythm. This specific Autoclicker is meant to be undetectable as it changes the CPS randomly between 8 CPS and 15 CPS, this will bypass most anti-cheat systems. Although it can bypass these systems you can see that the user is using this hack as throughout the engagement they do not stop clicking once, even when they accidentally take the sword from their hand they continue to click.

    Auto Tool

    Auto Tool is a hack that makes you instantly switch tool when you are punching the appropriate block. For example if you have a shovel, an axe and a pickaxe in your hotbar you'll instantly switch to the shovel when punching sand for example then if you were to move from the sand but continuing to hold down your mouse button you would automatically switch to the relevant tool if you encountered say a stone block or a wood block. Here's a gif example:

    Its pretty obvious that this user is using Auto Tool as they can instantly switch tools when they look at a certain block, sometimes it can be quite hard to realise someone is using this hack unless you are actually looking for it as the hack itself is not used a great deal. Its a lazy mans hack.

    Bow Aimbot

    Bow Aimbot is a lot like a regular Aimbot, however it takes into account speed of the target and sometimes distance in order to ensure that you hit the target. Some Bow Aimbots make you shoot right at your target meaning the arrow will fall behind the target until the distance is closed or the target is not moving. Some clients don’t even need to aim when using this hack as the hack will do it for them.

    This hack is also liable for headsnaps if the hack is set to target the nearest player, so keep an eye out for those too, here's a gif to demonstrate a Bow Aimbot:

    This hacker is making it very obvious that they are using a Bow Aimbot, as you can see sometimes the user doesn't even need to aim at the target in order to kill them meaning that headsnap although possible, is much less common when using this hack, just keep an eye out for users that seem to be looking one way and shooting another way, this can also be used with snowballs and other objects that are thrown.


    The Critical hack makes players who use it do small jumps when hitting other players or mobs. this gives them the ability to land critical hits absolutely all the time, even though critical hits should only be occurring when falling, this hack can be pretty easy to spot as its users look like rabbits most of the time as they never stop jumping. Keep an eye out for this as its pretty obvious but most people don't realise hacks like these exist. Another example can be seen below:

    The small jumps you may be able to see are the product of the Critical Hit hack, this allows players to have an extremely unfair advantage on others as if they score a critical hit every time they swing their sword other players don't really have too much of a chance when in combat with these people.

    Fast Breaking

    Fast Breaking is a hack that allows users to break blocks at 2x the regular speed, this means that when mining or digging they can basically run at a wall as it is being destroyed and not be slowed down by the usual half a second it would take to break each block, this works by giving the user of the hack haste for the duration of the time that they have toggled the hack on, watch these gifs, compared to the one on the left without spead hack the one on the right finishes much faster because of the use of this hack.

    As you can see the gif on the right finishes long before the one on the left, this is how you can determine if someone is using Fast Breaking or not. Just look out for people who can mine much faster than what should be possible in minecraft.

    Fast Placing

    Fast Placing allows users to place blocks instantly and at a much longer range, this means that when players are in combat they can easily block the path of someone chasing them from a distance without risking getting too close to that other player, which is quite unfair and the reason why hacks like these are not allowed on our servers. Here is an example of this:

    It is very obvious in this gif that the person placing the wood is using a Fast Placing hack, its just not possible to place that fast and from that far away whilst in survival and on a regular client, the guy chasing him can't even keep up with the hacker before he runs out of blocks and falls from the map.

    Forcefield (Kill Aura)

    This is probably the most lethal types of hacks. The Forcefield hack makes you hit all targets within melee range, and this melee range is even extended sometimes (with the use of the Reach hack). Some of these Forcefield hacks are automatic and some are combined with Aimbot. Meaning that the player will automatically attack all targets in their range, even if they is afk. If you see a player hitting more than 1 player at exactly at the same time, or if you see a player hitting their enemy while not aiming at them, that means they are using the Forcefield hack.

    Lag, high ping and misplacement can make it appears like someone is using the Forcefield hack. Basically, if someone enters the melee range of a Forcefield user, they will take damage until they are dead or until the user gets out of reach of the hacker. Unfortunately there are no good videos or images of Forcefield hackers available so you will have to take my word for this one, if you are attacked whilst the person who hit you is facing away from you, it will almost certainly be a Forcefield hack

    Glide and Spider

    These two hacks are often used together as they allow players to evade combat. Glide does exactly what it sounds like, it allows users to glide rather than fall, however users still take damage when they hit the ground... so its pretty useless from high heights and alongside that it is one of the easiest hacks to spot. Glide is commonly used in Minigames too so when that server is open keep your eyes open for any gliding hackers... scary stuff right? Anyway here is an example of a glide hacker, notice how hard it is to realise that they are hacking...

    I'll let you make the decision yourself on this one, hacks or no hacks... You can clearly see that this user is using glide hacks, it may be elegant but it will also result in a ban for said user, keep your eyes open see if you can spot any of these hackers.

    On the flip side of this there is also Spider hacking, hackers use this mod to become like spiderman and scale walls even though they are human, this is usually used to evade combat or climb up buildings in protected areas in order to gain access through the roof, there is an example below of this kind of hacking. Once again it is very obvious that this hack is being used and there is no uncertainty when it is seen.

    As you can see the user looks up the wall before they climb it as they are being watched by two invisible admins, obviously this is very easy to see that the user is hacking and up such a small wall too, if you see anyone trying to be spiderman let one of our staff members know. We have always wanted to meet a superhero.

    No Blindness

    Although we dont have a minigames server yet this hack may still be used. The No Blindness hack is commonly used when players want to bypass the blindness effect and is most commonly found in VampireZ servers where the blindness effect is a part of the gamemode. There is a gif below showing a user that should be under the blindness effect yet this player is running after another user and hitting him even when he should'nt be able to see this user.

    Once again this hack will be very hard to spot at the moment as we have no servers that utilise the blindness effect so far, but when we do, keep an eye out for anyone who may not be as blind as they are supposed to be.

    No Knockback

    No Knockback is a very common hack used in combat situations. the user of this hack does not get knocked by any attack, giving them advantages in Factions and other PVP environments. No Knockback is very easy to spot as every player should receive knockback in the server when hit, it is hard coded into vanilla minecraft, if someone does not receive knockback then it is highly likely that they are using the No Knockback hack. Here is an example of this hack:

    The user clearly hits the hacker 4 times and he doesn't even move, this would be pretty evident when fighting someone as they would just keep moving forward when you hit them rather than being knocked a few blocks back giving them both an advantage and disadvantage depending on whether or not they are using other hacks alongside No Knockback and the type of weapons each of you have.


    Nuker is a simple Hack that is one of the easiest ones to see, baisically all it does is delete all of the blocks within a certain radius of a user, it is commonly used in gamemodes such as TNT run as it gives a large advantage but it can also be seen in survival servers too as a form of griefing. Here is a gif to show you what it looks like:

    You can see how much damage a hack like this can cause to a server, hence why we want you to keep an eye out for anyone using this hack, it could cause a great number of problems so if we can catch them fast we may be able to restore what was lost.
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