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    Nickname (state previous names if any):
    • Your full age: 14 years
    • Timezone and country: United States of America. Central Standard Time
    • Approximate activity per day: Depends, usually 3-5 hours or more.
    • Are you multilingual? (Speak multiple languages): No, I speak English only.
    • Time spent on server: 6 Hours, but will definitely be a lot more by the time this is read.
    • What server are you playing on the most?: MC256.
    • What you like the most of this network?: I like how everyone is nice to each other on this server and the people are fun to talk to.
    • Why should you be accepted over other applicants?: I think I should be accepted because I am a very experienced minecraft player who can help out in most situations. I am also on very frequently
    • Have you ever been punished on MC256 Arcade, if so, explain?: Nope, I haven't :)
    • What problems do you encounter on our server the most? How would you solve them?: I encounter hacking a lot. I would like to strive to put an end to that in order to provide a fun experience for everyone.
    • How would you be a good addition to our staff team?: I feel that I would be a good because I'm usually pretty funny and I like to help people. I don't like to see people sad or fighting so I want to help with that.
    • What social platforms do you use the most?: Discord, but I can download and use any other programs if you want me to.
    • Feel free to add additional information.
    I don't have any extra information, but thank you for going out of your way to read this.
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