Economy Update (Wild Realm)

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    Economy Update 1.0


    So, as we all know, we have been without a full economy in Wild Realm for nearly a week now, this is no longer the case, a full economy has now been implemented, this time around we have gone easy on the sell stores allowing players to sell basic items to make money rather than having to create items like potions to make money.

    The new economy is much more lenient on prices and should allow even solo players to make money, and spend it without the need to grind resources for hours on end. The shops that have been made available are split into two categories, the sell markets and the buy shops, a list of these can be found below...

    Buy Shops:

    -Manufactured Items
    -Natural Generation
    -Mob Drops
    -Armour and Tools

    Sell Markets:


    The Buy shops are rather self explanatory however the new sell markets could do with some explaining (They are very different to the old shops after all). So to start with the Miners Market (seen below) allows players to sell ores, ingots and mineral blocks, these are priced according to their rarity in game so they should allow miners to bring in a decent profit after a mining trip.


    The second of our new sell markets is the Farmers Market (seen below). This market allows farmers to sell their crops and meats at low prices as you would expect with most of these items being relatively easy to obtain and automate. As well as crops and meats, i have added things such as nether wart, cactus (don't make me regret it) and the chorus fruit, all of which are incredibly easy to make and farm, so their prices will reflect that.


    Our third new market is the
    Hunters Market (seen below). This was made for those of you who enjoy going out to slay monsters down in caves and across the dimensions, it will be asked why the ender pearl is so cheap and to answer that all you need to do is take a trip to the end and count the number of enderman farms down there - its truly amazing how fast they developed. I have also included mob drops from passive mobs here as they were not included in the farmers store...


    Our final and most unique market is known as the Explorers Market (seen below). This market was made to satisfy the explorers among us, those of us who explore dungeons, collect rare, legendary items and scour the dimensions for items that simply cannot be found with a 5 minute mining trip or by slaying regular old mobs. This market will give the largest return for your efforts as most of the items are limited in the world and will eventually run out, so will you keep them for yourselves, or sell them for a hefty profit?


    Anyway as we all know, there will likely be exploits or bugs in the first few days so if you find any message me directly or make a thread in the bug reporting section of our forum and i will get to fixing it right away.

    We hope you enjoy our new shop and if you think anything can be improved, let us know, we love to hear your feedback...

    Thanks again,

    IExcalibur and N1KN41Z

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