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    Hello everyone.

    It is no secret that our Discord group and the community is growing in a quick pace every day. We approximately get 5 new Discord members every day, and now we're at the count of 170 Discord members. Due to the possible risks of any of the members suddenly starting to advertise anything through Discord (since our Discord is connected to our servers), we are introducing Trusted Players group. Our "General" channel will remain functioning as in the past, however, new Discord members won't be able to send messages in the game-connected channels. This is to reduce any possible unwanted messages sent to the game, seen by everyone online.

    To become trusted, all you have to do is gain my trust. There's no application you need to fill in order to become trusted. Untrusted Discord people (tagged by @everyone in Discord) won't be able to send any messages in the game-connected channels, but will able to see the messages sent from the game.

    Join our Discord group at https://mc256.net/discord

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