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    Contacting our Staff

    This thread has been created in the aim to show you how you can contact our staff when on the server or in the forums, it is always important that our users can get in touch with the staff easily and efficiently as we wouldn't want any voice to go unheard.

    The thread will cover all ways that you can currently contact our staff and a few rules to go with it, as always if you have any questions dont be afraid to ask, that's what we are here for after all.

    Contacting us on the server

    If you'd like to contact us in-game, a command that I've seen many people are unaware of is /helpop (message). This contacts staff members on the server you are on, and is much more efficient than asking it in chat, or message. you may want to know why this is easier than just asking in chat, after all you will have to type more to use this command. Well. As staff, especially on populated servers, it is possible that the chat is constantly in use so we wont see your message or that your message is covered by spam, but when you use /helpop we get a bright yellow message appear in the chat that stands out from the rest, we are used to looking for this and it is much easier for us to see who needs help when you use this over the chat in general. Sure, in a less populated server, we'll see chat messages, but you can't be 100% sure that we will.

    Although this command is very useful you may want to remember that if you spam this chat then it will be useless for our staff as we will not know whose messages are spam and who is actually asking for help. if you don't get a response within a few minutes, sure, send another message, just please don't spam.

    Contacting us in the Forums

    If you'd like to ask us a question on the forums regarding anything about the game, you can send a message to either a Helper, Moderator or an Admin. The higher up the staff rank the busier you get though, so if it's a question a helper can resolve, I'd advise you to ask them just so that you get a response much quicker.

    Something that has popped up a bit for me in the past is If you need to ask a question about, say, why an Admin denied your application, or why a member of our team replied in a certain way, the fastest way to get your issue resolved is to contact a member of through this forum directly. This is because often a single member of staff cannot help you with these questions, as they are meant for the staff team as a whole and usually it will require multiple members of staff communicating with each other to try and answer the question, this often just delays the process of getting your issue fixed. Of course, some questions can be answered by helpers and moderators with little to no communication with other staff, but it would be best to leave us a thread here with the staff members name or rank and wait for a response.

    The layout that you should use when contacting through this Forum is as follows:

    In-Game Name:
    Your in-game name.

    Staff Members Name/ Rank:
    The rank of the staff you have a question for or their username.

    The Reason you are Contacting us.

    If you are having troubles contacting a staff member, or would like to contact them quickly, a good way to do so is to message them on Skype. There are staff on Skype nearly 24/7, and they can help you with any issues you have. If you are shy, and don't want to talk, it doesn't matter as we'd be happy to type to you instead.

    Hope I helped clarify some ways to contact staff more efficiently.
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