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    Bugs and Glitches

    When you buy a donation package from our store and it does either nothing or gives you the wrong items, this is the place to report it! When there is a problem that occurs on our website or anything that isn't our Server, or anything that involves our online store or forum then post it here following these guidelines.

    - How to Submit a Bug or Glitch

    - In the thread subject, briefly describe the bug and tag it as either [forum], [store], or [website]

    - In the body of the post, include a more in-depth description of the bug you are encountering.

    - Follow up the description of the bug with numbered step-by-step instructions on how to reproduce the issue (If it can be reproduced).

    - Include how frequently you can get the issue to occur and any video or screenshots of the bug that might help clarify it.

    In this forum you can find an example of a good bug or glitch submission as a sticky thread, if you are confused at all about exactly how this should be set up you can check this out too for an example.

    - Why is Reporting a Bug or Glitch Helpful to us and to You?

    As a player, I get just as frustrated as anyone else when a bug causes me to lose something that i have been writing, or even lose items that i have recently donated to get. Getting this information allows us to more quickly identify why things are broken and will expedite the process so it doesn’t happen anymore. The most useful information you can provide is how you got the bug to happen, and how frequently you can reproduce the issue (or how often it uncontrollably happens to you). Myself and other Admins will be constantly looking at these boards, communicating about issues you see, and most importantly taking these problems to the correct people so that they can get fixed before they start effecting other users!

    To report an issue please create a new discussion in the Report a Bug or Glitch Forums.
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