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    Hello everyone. By the time you read this, you should know that we now use our new, long-term hosting machine. This means that we are also not in beta anymore.

    What does this mean? The core of MC256 has been established to an extent where it has nearly no bugs. The IP remains the same - and you should see no change to your progress in any of our server apart from the money and friends being reset.

    What to do in the first join on a new host?
    Send me a PM on forums or in Discord and tell me how much money you had so I can refund the loss.
    Friend lists also have been reset, so you will need to re-add your friends using /friend add [name].

    On top of it all, there is an update thread coming soon as we are adding beta Skyblock for our players to play on.
    Remember that MC256 Arcade is heavily inspired by what our players want - so any suggestions you have go to the appropriate suggestion thread.

    Expect many updates - see you ingame.

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