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    In Game Name: (If changed recently give previous IGN alongside new one) RodeyCreeper

    Age: (You must be at least 14 to apply) 17 Years of Age

    In Game Rank: (This will be determined at a later date) PLAYER


    Do you have Skype? Yes, RodeyCreeper

    Twitter Account: (If available)

    What times are you active? After 3:00 Pm Till 11 on school days

    What languages do you speak? English,Spanish

    How long have you been playing minecraft? 4 years

    Have you ever been banned or temp banned? (on any server) Never

    Do you have any previous moderation experience? If so explain:
    Yes, when I found out that you had the ability to become a staff member and be apart of something, and feel accomplished and successful I started to work on all skills of minecraft configuring plugins, to building/being a fine architect, to being kind to others online even if they are rude. I have been staff on many servers such as Cubecraft at one point but I decided to open my own server and obviously that did not work out. I have acquired many skills from 4 years of minecraft. I believe I improve every day, I enjoy creating happiness and enduring enjoyment. I believe that players as a community are first and would never abuse power nor mock others for being rude. I know everyone was created equal, and I enjoy people in general.

    Which server are you most active on?
    Hypixel or Mc256

    How many hours do you play per day?
    4 hours on Average

    How would you deal with a younger user complaining in chat?
    Well first I would tell him to not worry and that I value him,
    respect him, and his opinions or decisions and if he needs assistance in anyway I
    would help him in all ways I can that accord to the server's rules
    Are you able to record your screen?
    How many times have you applied before?
    When did you last apply?

    Why should you be staff here at MC256?

    I know I have what it takes to be a good role model, and a needed resource of yours. I recognize and respect the owner and am willing to put forth the effort, blood, and sweat of keeping this server healthy and every player smiling. I believe I am a great option for you and I respect your decisions fully.
    How would you handle a situation where a user is cheating or hacking?
    First, I would confirm he actually is hacking or cheating in some way. Then I would record him or her hacking in whatever way they are. I would kick him or her, and let them know I'm suspicious. Then if they keep going at it I would temp ban for 12 hrs and inform you and send you the video and their Ign
    Anything else we should know?

    You should know I am a hard worker, and I am willing to take direction and learn. And when insinuative needs to be taken I will take it for the good of the server and everyone.
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