22nd 11:00 UTC+01:00 of June Re-Opening

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    22nd UTC+01:00 of June Re-Opening
    Hello players of MC256 Arcade,

    If you're an active player, you must have noticed that our network has been offline for a few days now. If you don't know the reason behind this, please redirect yourself to https://mc256.net/mc/threads/update-server-outage.518/.

    Despite of what happened, we are happy to announce that we will reopen to the public on 22nd of June at UTC+01:00. In order to arrive to the opening in time, please visit this website at https://www.timeanddate.com.

    It has been confirmed that all of the data (thus all progress) has been lost during this incident, so rather than begging for item refunds, please be considerate and understand that you may take this as a fresh start for you and anyone you played with. Due to the fact that everything has been lost, @IExcalibur and I were given 5 days to create what we had done in a month of initial developing plus 3 months of constant tweaking during the time we were released from complete zero. Fortunately, we did it.

    As we were given an incredibly short period to do everything, please understand that there might be bugs (we are pretty sure there will be). That being said, regarding the bugs, if you find any, please report them here: https://mc256.net/mc/community/report-a-bug.35/

    Likely bugs that may be present include:
    1) You might not have access to things you had access to;
    2) Unusual behavior in plugin performance;
    3) Unnecessary lags that weren't there before;
    4) Players might have access to things they didn't earlier;
    5) More restricted items than before.

    Again, please report all bugs on https://mc256.net/mc/community/report-a-bug.35/ using the given format.
    Understand that despite of the current state of our server, you are still forced to abide the rules.
    Cheating and Exploitation
    Any form of cheating or exploitation on our servers will result in a temporary or permanent ban! some forms of cheating and exploitation are listed below:
    - Using a Hacked Client which gives an unfair advantage against other players.
    - Using any of the disallowed modifications found in the Client Modifications section.
    - Exploiting any kind of Bug or Glitch in our Server or Website.
    If any bugs or glitches are discovered please let us know in the relevant bugs and glitches forum.
    Note that this does not limit itself to only cheating or exploiting. No form of in game fraud is allowed, If found committing in game fraud you could be subject to the same rules as a cheater or exploiter.
    This may as well be the second time we go in beta testing, but we'll refrain using this as a reason for the bugs that may arise, but instead we'll start working to fix them as soon as they pop up.

    For a good while, we will only keep Wild Realm because it was the most played server during our existence, peaking at 40 players and growing, until recently our server was breached. Reason behind this is that we are going to focus on what is played and requested rather than developing servers that will become empty over time. Wild Realm is the one of the key reasons as to why we are considerably popular within the small servers, so focusing on the development of it would be only beneficial. Our network was just growing. Remember when we published a thank-you announcement congratulating ourselves on 1,9 thousand of unique player joins? A month after the announcement, we accumulated well over 8 thousand unique joins which is extraordinary. That being said, we will start the counter from zero and will expect for it to grow exponentially.

    That is true that we will launch Wild Realm unfinished because there are just so many things to do for the players, making it impossible to finish everything in such a short period. This means that you should expect a change nearly every day as you join the server, because we're going to develop it until we're happy with it - then we will listen to suggestions to improve it even further.

    More about Wild Realm - the gameplay will be more balanced. Remember the days when you thought about it being impossible to beat other, already advanced players? That won't be the case anymore. It is a fresh start for everyone. Shop is much cheaper, there are more ways to earn money, more ways to trade and the gameplay is *slightly* harder, but way more rewarding. Some more gameplay mechanisms have been altered to, from our perspective, improve the server for our players. One new feature being realistic tree felling. If you're a new player and you join our server and you get an "unfinished server" first impression, that is completely fine, the reason is mentioned earlier.

    We hope what happened is not the main reason for your quitting, but instead, let's all continue to play like we used to just a few weeks ago. Administration wishes to thank all of the community on all platforms for encouraging us to work faster towards the server and also the endless spams we received on Discord. While much lower player base for a specific period is to be very expected, just keep playing and you'll see other people come too -

    (you'll see).

    Expect lots of updates in not-too-far future.

    Links for a reference:

    Our media:
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