22nd UTC+01:00 of June Re-Opening
Hello players of MC256 Arcade,

If you're an active player, you must have noticed that our network has been offline for a few days now. If you don't know the reason behind this, please redirect yourself to https://mc256.net/mc/threads/update-server-outage.518/.

Despite of what happened, we are happy to announce that we will reopen to the public on 22nd of June at UTC+01:00. In order to arrive to the opening in time, please visit this website at https://www.timeanddate.com.

It has been confirmed that all of the data (thus all progress) has been lost during this incident, so rather than begging for item refunds, please be considerate and understand that you may take this as a fresh start for you and anyone you played with. Due to the fact that everything has been lost, @IExcalibur and I were given 5 days to create what we had done in a month of initial developing plus 3 months of constant tweaking during the time we were released from complete zero. Fortunately, we did it.

As we were given an incredibly short period to do everything, please understand that there might be bugs (we are pretty sure there will be). That being said, regarding the bugs, if you find any, please report them here: https://mc256.net/mc/community/report-a-bug.35/

Likely bugs that may be present include:
1) You might not have access to things you had access to;
2) Unusual behavior in plugin performance;
3) Unnecessary lags that weren't there before;
4) Players might have access to things they didn't earlier;
5) More restricted items than before.

Again, please report all bugs on https://mc256.net/mc/community/report-a-bug.35/ using the given format.
Understand that despite of the current state of our server, you are still forced to abide the rules.
Cheating and Exploitation

Any form of cheating or exploitation on our servers will result...
We have finished most of the HUB server today in 11 hour development session. Thanks to all who are keeping themselves updated.

Things we've done:

  • Store integration,
  • Graphical interfaces,
  • Discord relay,
  • Natural themed spawn,
  • Adjusted the spawn area,
  • Lores,
  • Token shop,
  • Voting system,
  • Scoreboard,
  • SQL environment for all of the plugins to maximize performance.
Plans for tomorrow include finishing HUB completely and getting Wild Realm nearly done. I estimate MC256 Arcade be online somewhere around next Wednesday or Thursday. We're working as fast as possible. It is confirmed that everything will be reset - only thing that will be reinstated is ranks. Hurts seeing the graph below, but this had to happen either way to make MC256 Arcade as strong as never before.


[​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG]

Thanks for reading.
If you don't know what I'm talking about, read https://mc256.net/mc/threads/update-server-outage.518/

Keep yourself updated:

Good Evening,

As some of you may well know by now, our server has been down for an irregular period of time. This is to no fault of our own however we can now confirm that the servers box has been accessed without permission by an individual that wished to damage us and our community. Unfortunately this individual was able to inflict significant damage to our data in the short amount of time that they had access to the host. This means that all progress in game-mode servers will be lost.

We do understand that some of you have purchased ranks for our server, we will be reinstating these when we rebuild the server and re-open to the community. This task would usually take an extended period of time however myself and Nik have cleared our schedules over the weekend in order to get the server back up and operational as soon as possible, we will keep you updated here and on our twitter which can be found here...

If anyone has any questions regarding this, or would like to suggest changes for the server now is the time, our responses will be slow over the next few days as we have a lot of work to do in order to fix what has been done.

We hope that you understand that this was due to no fault of our own and this is something that we will learn from and never allow to happen again.

Once again, if you have any questions please direct them to myself or Nik and we will respond as soon as possible. We are hoping to have the server back up by tomorrow but this is an estimate at best for now.

Contact IExcalibur:

  • Skype: fallout-3531
  • Discord: Excalibur #0379
Contact NIKNAIZ:
  • Skype: niknais1337
  • Discord: NIKNAIZ #4938

Thanks for your support so far,

IExcalibur and NIKNAIZ

To preserve the memory, we have decided to shrink the map of Wild Realm to 100,000x100,000 blocks. This will give you an 200,000x200,000 area to play in. If you suspect your house to be outside the boundaries, please move further away from the borders by the 20th of June. 4 days should be enough for you to move away in case the coordinates of your house exceed the coordinates mentioned earlier. Thank you and sorry for inconvenience and see you in game. No other changes will occur. If your house is within the 200kx200k block area from the center of the map, you can safely ignore this notification.
Hello everyone! We now fully support 1.8 - 1.12.x Minecraft versions!

Join us at play.mc256.net and try it out!
Wild Realm has gotten a new spawn area thanks to @IExcalibur
The new hub of MC256 Arcade is now officially announced. This hub will soon be implemented into our server to replace the current one. Thanks to MC256 Build Team!